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CRM stands for Client Relationship Management. Our aim is to help businesses improve their customer experience by providing better customer service to their customers. This will in turn lead to customer retention and boost their business reputation as customers who receive exceptional customer service would refer friends and family.


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Want result-oriented training for you or your staff to improve customer relations for hyper customer retention?

Why Customer Service?

I remember being in Nigeria for a visit for the first time in a long time in 2015. The bad experience started right from the airport where the staff at immigration check point was.

They were very dismissive and asked irrelevant questions. From a customer point of view, I found it irritating and couldn’t wait to be done with them.

Throughout my stay, going to the shops was one appalling experience to the other. With staff being very unhelpful and making you, the customer, feel like they are doing you a favour. I would say 1 in 10 shop attendants had good customer service.

This was a cause for alarm for me as I was coming from a customer service background with over 7 years experience in customer service employment, I knew something had to be done.

This is when I decided I must contribute to the betterment of my country and Africa. If every single person learnt how to provide excellent customer service, I believe Nigeria and Africa respectively will be a better place.

My name is Temitayo Akinmola and I hold a Degree in International Business, a Certificate in Customer Service and Masters in International HRM (in view).

My promise to you is to make you and your staff the best in providing exceptional customer service experience which will keep your customers coming back and as a result increase your revenue. Research shows that customers aren’t looking to buy the most expensive products anymore. Instead, they would buy from a business that gives them an exceptional customer experience regardless of the price. You don’t want to be part of those that drive away their customers because of bad customer experience.

Temitayo Akinmola
Founder, CRM Consulting

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